Strategic Facilitation

As a senior leader, how do you and your team create and sustain strategic high performance? I provide professional facilitation and development programmes to leadership, executive, and board level teams. My focus is on enabling greater awareness of self and others, diversity of thought, clarity of ambition and focus, and influence of critical clients and stakeholders. My work is bespoke to the needs of each team but typically involves enabling:

Strategy: How do you know what your real problems, ambitions and priorities are?
Leadership: How do you lead challenge and conflict when others won't?
Performance: How are you enabling clarity and autonomy with your staff?
Connection: How do you connect with each other, beyond formal roles?
Creativity: How are you encouraging mistakes, questions and 'trial and error'?

I tend to work closely with select clients, on a long term basis. I consider unique challenges, before committing to design and delivery. My approach to facilitation requires a base-level maturity and awareness within the team or organisation, and a willingness to let go of ‘knowing the outcome’.


Conflictworks Masterclass

High performing leaders recruit and build a diverse team of unique personalities and skillsets. But diversity results in conflict (opposition, friction, resistance, disagreements, pickles and scraps). What can you do? You need a toolkit for recognising and building great conflict (not avoiding it). Our one-day Conflictworks Masterclass introduces a five-factor framework and practical toolbox you can begin using immediately: conflictworks.com. The Masterclass is run with 12 participants from 9:30-4pm; and includes a comprehensive workbook and follow-up 7-week reflection mailer. Learning outcomes include:

Conflict works (and tells us what we want). Learn how to increase team performance by building courage, safe vulnerability and creativity in your team.
Self. Other. Together. Know how to approach difficult conversations with a sensible and easy-to-use four-step framework.
Creativity. Real innovation occurs when a group can trial (and error) safely. Create this environment by building freedom for your staff to be themselves.