strategic facilitation

As a senior leader, how do you create and sustain strategic high performance?
You need a set of frameworks that provide you with freedom for strategic thinking.

We provide professional facilitation and tools for thinking to senior leadership teams across the public and private sectors in New Zealand. Our focus is on enabling high performance through: Strategic thinking, healthy conflict, clarity of ambition and focus, and influence of customers when under pressure. Our work is bespoke to the needs of each client and involves enabling:

Strategy: How do you face reality and bridge the gap to a clear ambition?
Leadership: How do you build an environment for others to succeed (without you)?
Performance: How do provide a framework for being comfortable under pressure?
Connection: How do you get on with each other beyond formal roles?
Creativity: How do you create conflict, experiments and trial/error that works?

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the strategist

Are your senior leaders strategists or just technicians?

As leaders rise up the ranks, many stick to their (ageing) technical competence and get stuck in the detail weeds, driving their staff nuts and eventually reaching their own career plateau. Despite knowing they need to, most leaders won’t take the risks to build connection, hand the reigns to the talent below, or create an environment of ‘comfort in the discomfort’ of moving toward an ambitious future. We don’t need another technical hero. We need courageous, inclusive and thoughtful strategists who have self-awareness, can face reality, create a vision, provide a framework for healthy conflict and commitment, and then get out of the way. But how?

The Strategist. Our in-house programme uses action learning to provide 16 of your senior leaders with the frameworks, reflection and relationships required for moving from technical to strategic high performance. Our programme is nuanced to meet your organisation’s specific challenges, and uses a series of Masterclasses run over the six months of April to September each year. Our programme is run with a limited set of open and committed clients who want to enable the big ticket items of leadership and strategy with their senior leaders. Apply now.