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I am the Managing Director of Strategy Group.

I am an executive coach, strategist and facilitator who works with senior leaders, athletes, academics, professional services firms, entrepreneurs, founders and artists who require tools for elite performance. I hold degrees in law, commerce, career development and psychology, and bring nearly 20 years of experience from top-tier private practice employment law, in-house HR consulting, outdoor experiential leadership development, and performance psychology. 

I have had training, coaching and supervision with some of the best strategists and psychologists in the world and, after four decades of living, have integrated their teachings with my own life, and my understanding of who I am as a person. I hold dear the notion that clients are “after an experience, not an explanation” and living this notion requires that I bring my full self to my work (as difficult as this can sometimes be). I believe in practicing the stuff that I preach, and through principles of excellence, truth and courage, live a life I care deeply about. I push myself daily to do the things I want, to contribute in my own meaningful way, to be present and to bring perception, insight and humour to the most difficult aspects of living. Also: I have caffeine, Netflix and IPA obsessions, and can be regularly seen buying more unessential ski and bike paraphernalia.

I believe that the best wisdom in leadership and performance looks closely at how how we behave under pressure, stress or discomfort (physically, psychologically, relationally) and when faced with change. Why is change so difficult? Because we resist it, by resisting the present moment. We get caught in self-deception, intellectualising, rumination and denial about what our real problems are (and, therefore, what our ambition and strategy should be). Real change work runs deep, beyond an achievement, competence or cognitive focus. My role is to assist clients to be fully in touch with what their personal and team challenges are; what they experience; and, what they want, and need to do. 

My tools draw from the elite performance across science, professional sport and the arts, and are designed specifically for resolving and reshaping the complexities and conflicts of New Zealand’s highest performing humans and teams. 

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